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Email Guide

Your OMG.LOL address comes with automatic email forwarding, yay! You can easily forward your incoming emails to to wherever you’d like, or take advantage of some more advanced email features if that’s your thing.


To forward your emails, just pull up your address, click Manage Email, and enter the destination address in the Forwarding field. You can enter as many addresses as you’d like (just separate them with a comma), and your inbound emails will be forwarded simultaneously to those destination addresses.


We don’t support sending emails directly from your OMG.LOL address (, as it’s intended to be used for forwarding only. But! You’re always in full control over your OMG.LOL domain name (, so you’re welcome to configure that for use with any email service. Check out our External Email guide for details on how to set that up.


Soon, you’ll be able to turn over your inbound email to our Emailhooks feature, enabling powerful automated processing of emails. Check back in early 2021 for details!

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