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Privacy Policy

This policy will change on February 1, 2022. Read the updated policy here.

Your personal information

We collect the bare minimum information about you—only your email address, and optionally, your name. We store this in a secure manner, and we would never sell or share it with anyone.

Browser cookies

Our service uses cookies only to support required site functions, like sign-in processes. We don’t use cookies for any other purpose (like tracking or analytics), period.

Your profile page content

Your profile page is inherently public (the entire point of an online profile page is to share that information freely), but you’re in control of what you choose to publish on your page. You can easily change, unpublish, or delete your content at any time.

Your email data

Our service doesn’t retain any copies of incoming email messages after they’ve been forwarded to the specified destination(s). We do keep simple transactional logs when a message is forwarded, and we openly share those logs with you for your own convenience. These logs consist of the receiving address, the forwarding address, the date and time, and the status of the message forward. Actual email content (like the subject line and message body) is not saved in any way.

Your rights

We love consumer protection laws (like the GDPR and CCPA), because we’re consumers too. We believe that everyone deserves the same level of protection under the law. To exercise any of your rights under any consumer protection law, or if you have any kind of data or privacy request, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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