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Our members are invited to hang out in our Slack workspace, where we can chat about the service (and anything else, too). It’s also a great place to get help when you need it.

To join, just visit the Slack signin page, enter your email address, and click Sign In with Email. You’ll get a code delivered to your mailbox, and once you enter that you’re good to go!


Let’s keep this short and simple:

  1. Be kind and polite to everyone. Don’t be an asshole.
  2. Avoid disruptive or distracting behavior, divisive topics, or saying/doing anything that might bother others.
  3. Post things in the right channels (see below!).


We have a handful of default channels:

  • #general · Chat about or other topics.
  • #help · Ask for help, or help others.
  • #email · Discuss email, the internet’s single greatest achievement.
  • #web · Discuss HTML, CSS, JS, profiles, or any other web stuff.
  • #share · Share your music, videos, projects, or whatever you’d like other people to interact with.
  • #random · This is the place for anything, but please keep it clean.

And some others that you’re welcome to join if you’re interested:

  • #firehose · Activity notifications from the Twitter account, GitHub repository, and address sales activity.
  • #business · Discuss’s business stuff (value proposition, business model, etc.).

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